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  • Posted on: 2017/12/05
  • Length: 25:56min
  • Dimensions: 1920*1080px
  • Size: 1.92GB


Me and my favorite porn actor, we had spent a day shopping both before shooting this porn video. We had the whole day to imagine what we could do without being able to touch ourselves since we were outside. So you can imagine that when we finally found ourselves alone, it was the sexual explosion … For the occasion, I made up and dressed in a very sexy way to put it in pressure. He had his motorcycle leather, I do not need more to excite me. So we went a little improvised on sex scenes with the accessories we had: lubricant commestible strawberry, etc … After he heated me off caressing me and undressing me I could not help but cover his dick with strawberry lube and eat it properly. It has excited her serious. He then returned to the coffee table to fuck me without notice. His cock full of strawberry, it came back as in butter and it was a treat. Since my asshole was clean, he then went back between my mouth and my ass. I love it when my mouth is kissing and I can not move. I was in paradise, and it shows on my head in the video! In the end I was so hot that I climbed him straight to push my pussy and my asshole with his cock. This chanceu had nothing to do, it had become my diabolical sextoy. When I slipped his dick in my ass, he ended up losing his head and I made him a big pipe to make him cum in my mouth, he deserved it!

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